Kenya Police Recruitment


To get you prepared and acquainted about the exercises involved in the Kenya Police Service recruitment, we have outlined the following processes;

Screening and Examination – After the application deadline has elapsed, the Kenya police service would go through all applications and select applicants who they deem to be the most suitable for the job description.

Applicants who are selected to take part in the recruitment and training exercise would be invited via emails to take part in a Screening and Examination at the Screening Centre

Kenya Police Recruitment Training – Applicants who successfully pass the screening exercise are invited to take part in the Kenya police recruitment training. The training involves physical drilling as well as teaching prospective police members the core values of the Kenya Police Service.

Kenya Police Recruitment Pass-out – Applicants who successfully complete the training process and are deemed fit bit the trainers to be recruited full time into the Kenya police service would be passed out and recruited accordingly.

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