Study in Australia: Queensland University of Technology Tuition fees, Cost of Living, Courses & Ranking

Based on the request of International Students with regards to studying in Australia, we have researched what it will take a Student to Study at the Queensland University of Technology. Everything from the QUT Ranking, QUT Tuition fees, Cost of Living, Courses & Admission Requirements was covered

I believe that covers all you would need to know when you need to apply for admission into QUT.

About Queensland University of Technology

QUT is Situated in Queensland capital, Brisbane is the public research-oriented institution, Queensland University of Technology.

Founded in 1909, this college is amongst the oldest and best in Australia. With six faculties, the university is known in Australia and worldwide as great research institutions pioneering a vaccine to help prevent cervical cancer, a highly advanced portable MRI Scanners.

The prominent university is also known for producing Nobel laureates and Grammy winners amongst others. This institution is renowned for her foremost contributions to nanotechnology, brain, and molecular bioscience researches.

QUT Ranking

By standards of the “Academic Ranking of World Universities” for 2016, Queensland University of Technology is ranked as the 55th worldwide while “Times Higher Education” places her at 60th position in the World University Rankings for 2017. In 2018 & 2019 it ranked 65th and 69th respectively.

Queensland is also ranked at 35th position in the world centered on the “CWTS Leiden Ranking” for 2017.

QUT Undergraduate Study

A sequence of specific entry requirements is considered by various departments. To be considered for entry into a particular course, you need to properly review the department you’re applying to.

Generally, you must have completed Australian Year 12 or its equivalent in your country, must also be 17 or older and apply based on your previous education and work experiences.

Also, entry is grounded on your OP score/ rank, which is summed up depending on your qualifications/ experience. The admission board considers firstly applicants with high OP 1/ rank 99, followed by OP 2/ rank 98 before others.

Some courses also have specific entry requirements including auditions, interviews, collections, and questionnaires.

For international students, a confirmation that your application is genuine is needed i.e the admission board needs to know you are eligible to complete the course.

All factors such as your immigration history and present circumstances, the relevance of your proposed study will be put into consideration. When you apply, you will need to explain why you decided to apply for the particular course, and how it will profit a future career for you.

QUT Graduate Program

Every applicant has to meet up with specific and general course requirements in order to qualify for acceptance. Most of the requirement consists of previous degrees, research capabilities, and professional programs.

Master’s degree;

  • A one-year honors degrees or four-year honors degrees
  • Graduate certificates from approved universities
  • Graduate diplomas from approved institutions
  • Masters degrees by coursework
  • Referee reports
  • Professional programs or accreditation
  • Work experience

For most postgraduate departments, you must have reached a certain GPA in your previous course or university to be qualified for application.

If the previous course were measured in units, your GPA is a total of your score for each unit by the sum of units attempted.

If your institution has used a different scale from the 7.0 total, it will then be calculated accordingly but know that any grade below a 4.00 is automatically regarded as a fail in the 7.00 total grading system.

NOTE; apply early as some courses fill up very quickly

Candidates who wish to have a Master’s degree can apply in any of the following faculties;

Ph.D. Programmes

Candidates who want to apply for admission to a Ph.D. should possess;

  • Magnificently completed masters by research
  • Started a master by research, and advanced to the Ph.D. program within a period of 12 months
  • Progressed from an honors degree with a minimum First Class or second class upper honors.

A Ph.D. usually runs for 3 years in full-time study or 6 years in part-time study at least.


QUT English proficiency

If you have studied in a country without English as the first language, you need a proof of English proficiency to qualify for admission. This can be done through exams approved by Queensland for a test of the English Language. A list of acceptable tests are;

  • IELTS (academic)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • Cambridge English; advanced (CAE)
  • Cambridge English; proficiency (CPE)

QUT Tuition Fees

QUT Tuition fees vary across departments but the average fee for undergraduate courses but in the list below are details based on where you’re applying from;

Visual and performing arts behavioral science Clinical psychology Foreign languages Humanities Education Nursing AUD$ 8, 100.00
MathematicsStatistics Computing Environment Health Engineering Surveying Agriculture AUD$ 9, 050. 00
AccountingAdministration Economics Commerce Law Dentistry Medicine Veterinary science AUD$ 10, 600. 00
DEPARTMENT(International students) COST
Business Courses AUD$ 27, 700. 00
Creative Industry Courses AUD$ 27, 200. 00
Education Courses AUD$ 28, 300. 00
Health Courses AUD$ 30, 100. 00
Law Courses AUD$ 26, 800. 00
Science/ Engineering Courses AUD$ 32, 300. 00

QUT Cost of Living

These are the basic figure when it comes to Studying in Australia. The QUT Cost of Living includes Accommodation Feeding, Books, Transportation, etc. We have tabulated it for every student to make choices of the kind of life he/she wants to live in Australia.

Lunchtime Menu AU$ 15. 00
Fast Food Menu AU$ 11. 00
1ltr Milk AU$ 1. 43
500g Chicken AU$ 5. 76
Eggs (12) AU$ 5.60
1kg Apples AU$ 5. 00
1kg Tomatoes AU$ 5.17
1kg Potatoes AU$ 3.50
85m2 Apartment (expensive area) AU$ 3, 050. 00
85m2 Apartment (normal area) AU$ 1, 770. 00
Utilities (85m2 monthly) AU$ 300. 00
45m2 Apartment (expensive area) AU$ 2, 315. 00
45m2 Apartment (expensive area) AU$ 1, 550 .00
Utilities (45m2 monthly) AU$ 270. 00
Internet (monthly) AU$ 60. 00
Volkswagen/ Golf AU$ 27, 500. 00
Public Transport Ticket (monthly) AUD$ 128. 00
1ltr Gas AU$ 1.32
Taxi Trip AUD$ 21. 00


The Queensland University of Technology has been rated high in broad scientific and research fields than any other Australian University.

With a vast amount of research-based institutes, Queensland University still focuses on interdisciplinary aspects making her a very suitable place for standard education in the 21st Century

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